Lo que desde el corazón es cierto
desde la acción es posible

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Lo que desde el corazón es cierto
desde la acción es posible

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Lo que desde el corazón es cierto
desde la acción es posible

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Work Methodology

Work Methodology

service Work Methodology

Our method is called ONLINE Method of Operative Integration.


This method promotes the development of the member’s potentialities in an integral, co-participatory and inter-supplementary way with their coworkers.


The close labor relationship of Foundchild staff is a clear example of this method.

All areas are connected through mediation coordinators.


“Foundchild is not the solution but it helps to build one.”


Foundchild works as a support link until the child and his/her family can live harmoniously and normally.


Abduction cases arrive to Foundchild spontaneously ON LINE.


Our office is in Internet and our work is carried out from there.


During the first e-mail contact call, we establish if the case follows the main purpose. Once we receive the information, the case is analyzed from a legal and human point of view and a strategy is outlined. Then an e-mail is sent back with the work proposal drafted by the Scientific and the Legal Dept. If the consulting parent agrees to this proposal and wants to follow the philosophical guidelines in order to solve the family situation, Foundchild walks hand in hand with the parent in the road towards the restoration of family ties.


In particular cases of Parental Abduction, the child and his/her, interests are our goals.

The following actions are taken:


  1. Referral to the Professional backed up by Foundchild.


  1. Mediation when it is deemed necessary.


  1. c) Systematic work as emotional support before the state of crisis of the people involved (Investigation of the documents sent. Shortly we will develop the “Family Ties and Constellation” Workshop
  2. d) Guidance on the proceedings made before the Foreign Affairs Office, Immigration Department, INTERPOL, Argentine Federal Police and other States.
  3. e) Our staff holds periodical meetings evaluating the cases, exchanging information and introducing changes when necessary.


Work Sequence


In case of prevention, we offer general counseling and we ask the person asking counsel to keep contact with Foundchild.


In case of abduction, the person who asked for counsel continues working with the staff of Foundchild through e-mail where we supervise the strategies already established.

Clarity and firmness are the characteristics requested by Foundchild to parents.


Foundchild asks parents to fulfill the aims fixed firmly.


Through our experience, we tell the father or mother a precise indication useful for the solution of the boy or girl’s conflict and his/her family, going down the road hand in hand with us avoids strategy mistakes that would only difficult the procedural step and the restoration of the child’s normal life in contact with both parents.


“The child whose parents live in different countries is entitled to maintain the relationship and direct contact with both parents…’’

Section 10. Convention on the Rights of the Child


According to this methodology, the following actions are considered:


Press, counseling and teaching actions implemented through workshops, seminars, conferences and congresses, either public or private.




PREVENTION is given in addition to the promotion of family ties, which planetary dynamics allows trespassing the negative aspects of a globalization that distorts the child’s access to the universe of culture and religion with its implications.


COUNSELLING AND SUPPORT, understanding of the possible traumatic situations that emerging from the conflict, accompanying in particular and group situations of each family circumstance. Identification and appraisal of the evolutionary aptitudes of the child and his/her family.


CONSTRUCTION OF TIES BETWEEN THE CHILD AND HIS/HER FAMILY restoring values that are still in force within the traumatic episode: implement the means for a fluent communication between the child and his/her group of reference.


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