Lo que desde el corazón es cierto
desde la acción es posible

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Lo que desde el corazón es cierto
desde la acción es posible

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Lo que desde el corazón es cierto
desde la acción es posible

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Scientific Department

From our Scientific Dept., concepts such as the Infantia Principle were developed.

One of the main goals of the Infantia Program is to foster in adults the clarification and assessment of the infantia concept, which means much more than little does or fragile…


Contacting everything related to the infantia condition, as this approach suggests, enables – among other issues – acknowledging and fostering the true development of children’s plenitude potentials as well as taking advantage and enjoying the new bonding possibilities with adults that such approach means. The scope of this principle reaches every field of discipline participating in the infantia issue: health, education, law, culture and sport issues are depository of this proposal.



She moves forward with decision, the same decision of that person who, near the goal, accelerates the pace and breath.


Nobody could demand her will, optimism or strength to fight. She neither lacks self-determination and hours do not seem to nick her performance. The mere name of any of her three children – Karim, Zahira or Sharif – returns turgor to her look and, strangely, the radiant smile to her face in such a way as if they were beside her, as if the children would never have gone from her side and continue enjoying what every child who has his/ her mother alive, has the right to enjoy. This is the loving look of the first “other” that ties us to the world, the look that unveil us as valid beings, as expected beings, as loved beings.


What Gabriela’s children obviously do not have – in immediate and tangible terms – seems to transform in possible due to this woman’s faith. She, with each word sustains them and, at the distance, recreates them. Her hands, rich in eloquent and tender gestures play, come and go at different heights. Any observer, who rests an instant in the permit to understand the symbolism and mystery of the day-to-day, can discover that, in true, she knits life for them. These tasks do not impede her from traversing intimidating corridors of governmental palaces, crossing high doors and talking at equal levels, from heart to heart, with leaders that listen to her with respect as they are respectful and she is respectful.

As those tutorial ‘madonnas’ of the old homes to whom the care of the youngest was confided to them, Gabriela acts guarding the principle of love above which every bond with children should be erected. Notwithstanding, despite how significant and important her work is, life “happens” to her in terms of spontaneity and simpleness and, this is just what it causes more surprise and adhesion. She sails, at the rudder as a boatswain or just a seaman and does not fear anything. Gabriela, among legislative articles, ecclesiastical dogmas, Freudian texts, novo-paradigmatic proposals and bills to pay, discusses, agrees, analyzes, listens and thinks of strategies, rejects revenges and grows in age and importance. It is funny, tender and profound to prove her bravery and frankness when she intrudes, productively, in the professional ambits that far from ignoring her, they receive her and listen to her and they consider her. This occurs because, apart from being educated and having general knowledge continuously developing, she belongs to the world of those who were born to represent others, of those who arrive to open roads of hope and realization for those many that identify with her.


I will never forget her image laughing under the rain when a candle she was trying to light, blew out once and once again. She asked for light to someone, to another one and to another one. Finally, the candle remained glowing and I think it was because, at that moment, she gained God’s sympathy.


I do not know how much she proposes herself would be understood and granted by human wills. I do not know in what earthly time she will be with her children again but I only know that, as with the candle, she will continue trying. Do we accompany her or should she arrive alone?

Victoria Birabén


Scientific-Academic Director – United Children for the World Foundation


Family Judge Dr. Carlos Romano


He knocked at my door and the Foundation door taking off his Judge’s robe and immediately started studying Muslim Law and International Law bringing together the knowledge and expertise he already had. The work and knowledge broadened when, with Victoria, we linked both sciences. For me, as well as for everybody in Foundchild, was a period of so much growth… We broaden, we search for, and we study every knowledge, approach and values before my children and before childhood. Despite our country was undergoing one of the worst crisis, we continued working like the three musketeers day and night.  This was how the three of us became one building empathy, respect and confidence while creating strategies and a Scientific Dept., which folded up our being again, placing us in the child’s land in order to be able to act at their same level and be their legitimate representatives. I have been very lucky in them; life blessed me with them. They are not only my counsellors but also we are soul family. They take my children as I do; they take my history as I do. They have suffered and undergone many risks and they did not give up, they went on by my side.



Once again, the media in my country reflected an unfair a sad event. Once again, they showed a mother facing something they consider “with no possible solution.”

At that moment, I was invited to be part of a panel in a congress organized and conducted by children, who were only assisted from the structural point of view, which I thought it was a fantastic idea and so I accepted enthusiastically.

When I entered into the cultural center, I saw a young and thin woman happily playing and singing with a group of children and, at the same time, she made drawings and gave some instructions. I remember having thought that this woman was a kindergarten teacher and what called my attention was the warm and enthusiastic atmosphere of the classroom. As any intellectual adult, in my “plastered” visit, far from joining, I cornered with others who congratulated the attendance of the family judge on duty and well-known lecturer but, what a detail, my lecture that day, willingly and for the sake of prudence, only lasted seven minutes.


Gabriela Arias Uriburu, the “little” teacher, was part of the panel and had spoken before me. What could I say or speak about childhood already? From anything that can be translated from a child to an adult, everything was said, made and told. A real story had erected different and many other stories in the ageless heart of each of them. The first inspired contact is the one that approaches us to the knowledge of other person. This is the reason why, I start from this anecdote to describe Gabriela: Gabriela feels and expresses herself as a girl, as a mother and as an old woman.

Inside a young body, she keeps the experience of sorrow, of ego emptied by abandonment, of courage, which only leaves too much sadness and a hopeful smile that is only reachable by those who do not resist in tragedy.


Gabriela is an integrated woman after life disintegrated her; a sweet voice that does not keep silence; a loyal worker who does not deteriorate, a media figure who does not feel dizzy. She is the new wind that pushes what is new.

Gabriela is a loyal struggler, above all, a warrior who forges in my own time, faithful to her feelings as footprints in a caravan. Many times, as a warrior, she has been betrayed but, like an inhabitant of the desert, she prefers to die and become water.


Four years after she was deprived from the physical presence of her children, God wanted us to be friends and fight together. A friendship that I feel as the old company of those gathered by the epic, marked by tragedy, happy cronies of fidelity, brought together since long ago and committed for the days and risk, cleaned by the sun and housed only by the stars.


She wakes up to war from the spiritual dimension with a dynamics capable of reversing into the social one. This woman with restless hands and mind, with a childish voice and deep words, stubborn as a mountain, sometimes authoritarian, sometimes docile and naïve, who smiles in an extroverted manner and adapts to everything, has all my admiration among many other, for two qualities that are not always breathed and I want to outstand and this is: despite all transparency and inner defect, her effort to respect the person she has in front of her is constant. Like a little girl, she knuckles down for this. As every human being, she can get angry as well as bless but, when she gets angry or flatters, she does it like a little girl.

Secondly, even though as a human being, she becomes anxious, depressed and ill tempered and anyone, in her personal history, I must admit, she is one of those persons that reconciled with her own tragedy.


There, as imprisoned when life hits us. In addition, it seems to limit places almost to the point of drowning and generate from time the feeling of eternal. Like a hermit old woman, Gabriela could administer space and time and, without getting angry, to take advantage of them; this is why I said ‘old lady.’


Herein lies the cocktail that makes her special and mediator of something new. Besides every angel, preparation, luck, perseverance, dedication or effort, she is an original and natural element, direct and loyal, as a child; therefore, she fulfills the mandate “let the children come to me” and she can speak of childhood.


She is a rough diamond cut with suffering, not by the pick of hatred but by the chisel of hope and love; and so, with a “light load”, she can speak to humankind as an old woman. This is why I beg and sense, that the road to reunion with her children marks the beginning with them and for everyone, as she is the destiny and desert way.

As a desire, from the child, mother and old woman, with lively eyes and loose hair, expressive and hyperactive, from her sheltering tenderness, with the cool night dew, Gabriela makes her own way without forgetting her simplicity, without forgetting truth and knowing about commitment. Gabriela, a woman of every age and many cultures, let her be a wave in the sea and water in the desert.


Gabriela I hope your life develops with childhood a game and a song, colorful drawings of joyous pipe dreams and projecting dreams; a brief instruction that compromises and, to everyone who sleeps, awakens, like in the instant of the first time I saw you.


Carlos Romano

Family Judge


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