Lo que desde el corazón es cierto
desde la acción es posible

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Lo que desde el corazón es cierto
desde la acción es posible

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Lo que desde el corazón es cierto
desde la acción es posible

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Referential Framework

Infantia Principle

During hours of scientific research, the importance of childhood was revealed opening the door to the scientific and philosophical amazement.

Thus, the INFANTIA PRINCIPLE was born as part of a statement that promotes the modification of places where the miracle of life is observed.

The INFANTIA PRINCIPLE is present in the behavior of atoms, cells, emotions, and ideas. The existence begins, grows up and develops out of it. We depend on it to develop our potentials. Its incidence is important not only for the biological principles of tissue regeneration but also for creativity that gives birth to a poem.

We all had a time when we started to live, we all had a beginning with everything to discover, to develop, to take advantage of.

During childhood, stories lead the way for the first time, they inaugurate astonishments.

Become like children, connect ourselves with our childhood is to find ourselves with our own possibilities of growing different, better; of contacting with the essence that characterizes us and which has not been corrupted, distorted or silenced.

In Childhood, the past, the present and the future vibrate joined in an optimal capacity for producing.

For all these reasons and many other issues which scientists and artists, thinkers and intuitive people, presidents and poets can account, let’s acknowledge Childhood as the principle of principles through which life manifests.

Let us do everything within our hearts so that children can be, once again, secure among adults. Once must have been that way, I hope.

Ab Imo Pectore (‘From the bottom of my heart’) – Victoria Biraben


Prevención y orientación existencial del niño en riesgo.


Sustracción internacional de niños.

Trastornos de personalidad debido a situaciones traumáticas

Alteraciones de los modelos parentales.

Si bien la sustracción de menores por parte de uno de sus padres representa en sí misma un ítem de capital importancia, vinculado a la fundación y su proyección, éste ocupa el calificadolugar de “ disparador fundacional” de ulteriores acciones, prosecutoras de otros objetivos de igual importancia tendientes al sostén y orientación existencial del niño en riesgo.

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